About Neesie

Personal Statement

Come on, admit it mum’s, we’ve all said it; “where has the time gone? They grow up so fast!”  For the last few years’, motherhood has been amazing, but it’s also not been easy.  In a world where equality, justice and feminism have become buzzwords, in reality, society is witnessing single mothers being increasingly marginalised. Agreed, I’m not the first ever single mum and neither will I be the last, it’s almost a norm now; Or is it?

Countless hours of web searches proved there is a great number of support and guidance sites- advising on how to cope and adjust (which is great), but that’s not what I was after.

Where could I go with my child to socialise within a similar comfort zone?  Where can we go during half term breaks to keep him company and if there’s a school trip that I can’t afford, will my son really have to miss out?…

I had my answer. It was loud and clear. If I felt like this, it was inevitable there was a community yet to be established… Neesie’s Community


Mission Statement

NEESIE provides a platform for single mothers and their children to enable and facilitate them to grow independently, simultaneously accessing mutual support to help better their lives, and experience love and understanding. To provide opportunities for engagement in an atmosphere of care, love and joy.



NEESIE is a unique concept which provides supportive friendships and help for single mothers.  Many circumstances bring a single mother to experience basic needs beyond the capabilities of her life to solve.  NEESIE aims to care for those whose physical and emotional resources are absent. Single mothers and their children wake up to these realities daily and many have inadequate support structures.



Provides single mothers the hopes and skills necessary to build an economically and emotionally stable home environment through sustainable programs.