Come on, admit it mum’s, we’ve all said it; “where has the time gone? They grow up so fast!” For the last few years’, motherhood has been amazing, but it’s also not been easy. In a world where equality, justice and feminism have become buzzwords, in reality, society is witnessing single mothers being increasingly marginalised. Agreed, I’m not the first ever single mum and neither will I be the last, it’s almost a norm now; Or is it?

Countless hours of web searches proved there is a great number of support and guidance sites- advising on how to cope and adjust (which is great), but that’s not what I was after.

Where could I go with my child to socialise within a similar comfort zone? Where can we go during half term breaks to keep him company and if there’s a school trip that I can’t afford, will my son really have to miss out?…

I had my answer. It was loud and clear. If I felt like this, it was inevitable there was a community yet to be established… Neesie’s Community