Social Action

We have a range of Social action projects that are designed to work with young people mainly sixth form students, working together for the good of others and not for profit. The aim of our Social Action programmes is to bring about social change that will benefit individuals, communities or society. We do this through […]

MAT: Mother Achieving Together

An 9 week programme designed to build confidence, empathy and nurturing mums to maximise development in society.  The programme operatives within convivial environments and allows opportunities for interaction and learning.  Strategic partners are used as part of the development.  Bradford College play an instrumental role and run their ‘Courses in the Community Programme’ which lay […]

LEAD Leadership Programme

A leadership programme that brings together diverse Leaders from across the District who will mentor and guide young people and steer them on to pathways of prosperity. The programme looks at producing and cultivating a generation of leaders that are socially and politically engaged whilst building trusted and confident relationships between communities, organisations and stakeholders […]

FAITH: Friends Achieving Integration through Harmony

A project that engages diverse faith communities from different backgrounds using the medium of dialogue, art, outings and workshops to encourage integration and cohesion. It allows the opportunity to create lasting friendships in shared spaces.

BEST: Better Engaged Shared Treasures

This initiative looks at how these mums can make the best start in life for their children.  The programme seeks ways of engaging with the school early in the child’s development.  It establishes early connections with school, early years techniques for development of social, emotional and motor skills and encourages learning, health and wellbeing, confident […]

ARTS Achieving Richness Through Smiles

A programme that utilises a range of art and cultural activities and allows individuals to use expression, emotion and creativity to create personalised and individual pieces of artistic value.  Their art project will be a keepsake that will become a valuable family ornament/memorabilia. The arts and creativity session encourage one another to communicate, promote peace, […]